Disc golf manufacturer
committed to the game


Obsidian Discs is a new disc golf manufacturer from Finland, founded in 2014. We design and produce great discs for the game in terms of disc flight characteristics and materials. Our team members have a long-term experience in playing disc golf, and our education ranges from physics, to industrial design, to computer science. We have good connections with the local university, which greatly fosters the designing of our discs. Moreover, our collaboration with the local high-end plastic industry is a guarantee for our discs to be of the highest quality, living up to the highest demands.

Obsidian Discs has also gained a lot of support from the disc golf community. Players have shared their ideas for new discs and have done the prototype testing before we released the discs to the bigger public. One of our major values is to listen carefully to the disc golf community and do our best to deliver discs that meet the actual needs of the players. For this end, we are challenging existing technologies every day to invent, discover, and develop more exotic materials and novel methods in manufacturing the discs.


This was the primary question when founders Ismo, Ville and Vesa were playing disc golf in the summer of 2013. These inquisitive guys had to figure that out, and that is how the first putter with an as straight fly as possible saw the light of day. The creation of the first disc was already characterized by one of the key values of the team: local amateurs were closely involved in the product development to find the perfect fit and fly for the disc. 

A bunch of good guys and their product needed a name. Before even creating the first disc, Ville had been a part of building the first disc golf course – Utra –  of North Karelia, Finland. From the foundations of that certain course, black glass-like material was found, which aroused the interest of the builders. Although, the presumed piece of volcanic obsidian turned out to be a part of the remains of an old glass factory, the name was established.

Later, this curiosity and passion evolved into a comprehensive selection of golf discs, course equipment, and design services, not forgetting to mention the success in national competitions and developing the culture of a beautiful game called disc golf.

We aim to be a consistent and reliable manufacturer.
We take care of proper testing and quality control in all phases, always keeping in mind the needs of our customers.